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Power Arsenal

Mike starting saving every piece of business acumen back in 1989 and carries this arsenal to this day and brings it exclusively to you for your use, implementation, learning and growth. Mike has been there, done that and is still doing it which means you get it all!

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Throughout the year, Mike and Andrea create and deliver custom webinar trainings containing the latest business strategies used in our own businesses. We teach, explain, provide samples of the latest People, Processes and Promotion activities that cause business growth, create financial security and lend you more freedom.

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At the top of the “value” list is the years and years of painful, tried, tested and invaluable business experience of the members of our program. People who become part of the UPP family tend to be progressive, caring, thoughtful and sharing people. Our members understand that the law of reciprocity is always in effect and that, the more they give, the more they receive.

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Money loves speed. If you don’t know where to go to get it done, it won’t get done. You’ll have ongoing access to our private, up-to-date vendor rolodex and UPP member information, so you can get it done. These are the agents we continue to grow with and the vendors we use, have used or are recommended because of their integrity. You’ll find no slouches here!

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Live Events

As a valued UPP family member, you will automatically receive discounts to ALL Live Events.  This includes BeUnstoppable Bootcamp (with Free VIP Upgrade for you and your team), Million Dollar Sales Producer Bootcamp, and any other Live event throughout the time of your membership.

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Your access to Mike’s books, online training courses, motivational resources, podcast and more!  You may also share these resources with anyone you know that might benefit from the material.

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Mike Stromsoe

Speaker & Coach

Andrea Wyatt

Program Director