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It’s So Simple! Millionaire Agents and Entrepreneurs Think and Act Differently Than Others. This Book Will Give You a Simple, Proven 3-Step Blueprint to Grow Your Business!
Imaging what your life would be like if you had a Simple, PROVEN 3 Step Blueprint that would grow your business, create financial security and give you all the Freedom you wanted – Guaranteed?

Well now you can! Over the past 29+ years of research in my own agency business, we have created a unique philosophy called the “Three P’s – People, Processes and Promotion” . This outside the box thinking and guidance provides agency entrepreneurs, just like you, the knowledge and tools you can quickly implement to explode your agency business. Our team continues to refine and bring to market ONLY the tools that work. I have been there, done that and am still doing it!

“Mike Stromsoe, one of the most young-at-heart and energetic people I know, has been my inspiration and guru since we met in 2003. So many can point to operations in their agencies that have been implemented thanks to Mike’s generously shared ideas and coaching”

-Claudia McClain
Agency owner, McClain Insurance Services
2014 Rough Notes National Agency of the Year

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Wherever you are today – if you’re starting with nothing or are well on your way to the success you desire – my goals for you is to be Unstoppable, and I know with the right People, Processes, and Promotions in place, you will be Unstoppable.

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